Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 19: Things I Have Seen in or Around the University Park

1. A leather-gloved Falconer and Falcon (no joke - my husband wanted to approach him, but wasn't quite sure of the proper falconer-lay person etiquette...).
2. Smokers with traditional bone and gold-plated pipes.
3. Little, tiny purple flowers (in October?) budding up out of the ground.
4. Conifers from all over the world.
5. Beautiful gold-turning-red-leafed maple trees.
6. Many fathers (possibly more than mothers) pushing their children in "prams".
7. Rugby.
8. A solitary academic contemplating the sunlight on a bench.
9. Many knee-high goulashes (called "mitts" or something else here).
10. Wet dogs of all kinds.

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