Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 20: Fighting the Oxford Blues

Getting your "blues" at Oxford means that you have beat Cambridge at some sport. But the blues of which I speak have nothing to do with Cambridge.

Adjusting to a new country, new school, and new friends is somehow not as easy as I anticipated. I suppose the weather has something to do with the tough transition, and perhaps being separated from my beloved husband. No matter how lucky I feel to be here, there has been something particularly challenging about it all, and I can't quite figure out why.

Going to church again yesterday helped. I was grateful for each person who reached out to me in friendship, and I tried to do a bit of reaching out myself. I guess there is something about worshipping with people who know and love you that is very comforting. I hope to get there with this ward.

I was warmed by the yearly Primary programme during Sacrament Meeting. I suppose I have not been around children much since my arrival, and it was wonderful to hear wee little British accents mixed with normal childish speech impediments. I can't remember all of the songs they sung, but they were familiar and that helped.

It also was comforting to learn from new friends that the first eight weeks is the hardest, and the first year after that. So I'm not the only one.

But I'm determined to fight these blues. I need to take advantage of the truly sunny days and get out for a walk. I also need to keep my exercise up. Third, I need to consistently continue my scripture study. . Finally, I need to seek and out welcome friendships of all sorts, particularly looking for opportunities to serve.


  1. Hey Lorianne, I am falling behind on my blog reading but had a few minuted to poke around. I have been feeling blue recently too!! And all morning I have been telling myself: "Tammy, pull yourself together." (Kyle and I spent a very wet and rainy weekend in the mountains and it was very gloomy, maybe that didn't help.) All of your methods to help are great and I am going to follow your lead. Church and exercise are always a big help. (I'm sorry you miss Lance so much.)

  2. Thanks, Tammy! I have recently fallen behind on my blog writing, but am attempting to catch up. Hope what has helped me has also helped you!