Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 22: Becoming an Oxfordian Biker

I joined the very large community of bikers at Oxford today.

I purchased this classic one-speed 80's ladies bike, basket and all, from the Lady Margaret bike auction yesterday for 17 pounds, and then got the front brake and lights fixed and the tires filled with air for another 30 pounds. Pretty good deal, considering new bikes sell--at the lowest--for 100 pounds, and used sell for about 70 pounds.

Owning a bike at Oxford is like owning a car at BYU. Distances are all walkable, but the bike cuts down a 20-30 minute walk to 5-10 minutes. People, including my bishop (see first Sunday's post), take fold-up bikes onto trains. Frequently, large, wicker baskets are attached to the front such as depicted here.

It is common to see children on bikes - -either in infant seats, jogging carts, or one-wheeled, pedaling contraptions good for parents (babe, are you reading?)who like to have their child pull their own weight--and men in suits, women in skirts, and sometimes, even, in full academic robes (my personal favorite).

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  1. I think it's cool that you have joined the biking community. It's fun to be able to ride a bike to wherever you want to go. it is good that parents are getting their kids used to the idea of riding around on bikes even from infancy. More environmentally friendly way to travel as a family.