Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 23: Fall Weather in Oxford

I have been told that it rains as much in London as it does in Phoenix. That is, it rains more often in London, but, compared to the torrential downpours in the dessert-city during a relatively brief period, the actual precipitation is about the same.

But that is London. Oxford, as the reader may know, is about 50 miles northwest of London. It appears to be colder here - perhaps even 10 degrees Fahrenheit colder.

However, the clouds and levels and kinds of precipitation appear about the same. There seems to be more attention paid to the amount and kinds of clouds reported by the weatherpeople. Sun can be seen through the clouds, which is significant, or, the sun can be completely obfuscated by the clouds.

When it does rain, it seems most often to be soft and misty, although I have seen a few furious showers not unlike those I experienced in Arizona. But I have not yet gone three days in a row without seeing brilliant sunshine. And the last few days have been rather glorious - 60s and pretty clear skies. That, plus the fall leaves have made Oxford seem like a pretty wonderful, magical place.

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