Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day Six: Discussions of Temples over Dessert at the Quod

I went to a wonderful piano concert last night ( - 5 pound student tickets are wonderful!) with new friends here at college.  Afterwards, we went out for dessert to one of the fancier places in town, Quod.

Over dessert, the conversation somehow turned to my faith as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I believe it started because I mentioned there was a temple in East Germany before the wall came down after our new friend from Berlin talked of a lack of consciousness in her generation of the difference between East and West Germany.  I spoke briefly of the purpose of temple worship, the difference between Sunday worship in chapels versus temple worship, and a little of my own experience with revelation in temples.  Questions were asked about whether that was where I married my husband (yes), whether my husband was Mormon (yes), and the standards of worthiness that are required to attend the temple.  That, in turn, lead to a discussion of revelation I have received in the temple about my marital relationship over the course of our courtship and engagement (don't worry, baby, I didn't share everything - our secret the we will have three girls over the course of our marriage is safe :-)).   

The conversation ended with my new Berlinian friend saying she needed to go look up Mormonism (for which I gave her the right sites) and try to correct the misperceptions she had heard.

I wonder how many more conversations I will have like this and wonder how much my being here will correct misperceptions.  I hope many things, but especially that I will be able to represent my faith, my family, and myself well as I continue to interact with the many cultures and faiths that I meet here at Oxford. 


  1. Hey Lorianne - strange as it may seem, your scene is a rough reenactment of conversations myself and Daniel Bergheim had in that same restaurant. Daniel and I both lived in Lincoln's Bear Lane complex around the corner from Quod. He a German who knew nothing about Mormonism, me a recent BYU grad. Daniel has since been baptized, married my exgirlfriend and now lives in Jersey so who knows where you're interaction with your Berliner might end. ;-). Love the Oxford glimpses, making me a bit nostalgic.

  2. My approach in sharing the gospel is to make it part of the conversation. I try not to edit out my gospel living from the conversation, which for some reason at times I may have been inclined to do. I remember around 2003 a talk about sharing the gospel that said when people ask about how I weekend went, we should include our Church experience. Way to make your gospel living part of the conversation, Lorianne.

  3. Lorianne, it sounds like you've taken just the right approach in how to be authentic to yourself and your religion as you settle into life at Oxford.

    I was glad that Stuart mentioned Daniel Bergheim -- how wonderful it was that Stuart was willing to be himself and not hide his religion (and also not be annoying with it), and that Daniel was open-minded about the topic.

    Please keep in touch with us as you continue your Oxford adventure. If you're actually living in Hall at LMH, then you are very close to where Allison and I lived in St Edmund Hall's Norham Gardens flats. We'd love to hear of your experiences.

  4. 3 girls! Cool, I can look forward to 3 more beautiful nieces. I am loving your blog--what a different world from little 'ole Raleigh, NC. But it is all very interesting!