Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 46: The Bear and the Immaculate Conception

I've encountered many, many more pubs in Oxford. I've decided my favorite is the Bear. It is right behind Christchurch, intimate, with nice bartenders who speak English. They are the first Oxford institution which actually has not blocked off its lovely fireplaces, but has real fires brightly burning. I'm sure it is a fire hazard in this very old, very low-ceiling, and very small pub. But I'll keep going back because of them. And they have frames of tie stubs littering all the walls. It's great.

It's also small enough that I overheard my neighbors discussing the theological underpinnings of the immaculate conception. Almost uncanny, as I had just discussed the topic at a morning scripture study with a co-LMHer the other day. I have my own reading on Christ's birth and conception based on my reading of the New Testament and a bit in the Book of Mormon (don't think there are many in my faith who believe explicitly what I do) that I am quite satisfied with and increases my faith, but it's probably too controversial for a public blog post. Sorry to be a tease...

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