Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 47: Interfaith Concert

Thursday evening I sung in my ward (local LDS congregation) choir as part of a larger, interfaith concert. After hours and hours of practicing and with the help of a very dedicated, singing bishop and energetic choir conductor, I think our small choir did quite well.

I was fascinated to watch all of the various faiths express themselves on stage. We had a marshal arts dance, an A Cappella Greek Orthodox chanting quartet, a skit performed by Indian Christians, an environmental presentation dedicated to St. Mary of St. Mary's local parish church, traditional Hebrew singing, an Arabic call to pray, acoustic guitar, two minutes of silence from the Quaker Friends and Buddhists (brilliant), and a modern dance to Christian pop by a few young black boys (adorable).

The Pagan Society did not perform anything. I think that was the expression of their faith.

At the end we all sung Do Na Nobis in a round - lovely.


  1. Interesting -- was this concert held at the ward building?