Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 76: Snow!

It's a winter wonderland here.

I am currently on the bus attempting to surprise my husband at the airport as he is finally moving here today (I can hear choirs of angels singing in the background...), but my guess is that he'll be surprised to arrive back at Oxford not to find me, as I'm currently stuck in the middle of nowhere (a pretty nowhere, but nowhere nontheless).

I'm guessing that England is not equipped for snow, and thus the freeway has been shut down for lack of snowplows. Brilliant idea. It means, instead, that the heavy freeway traffic is now on a two-lane, narrow road that has also not been plowed, with no where for the cars that are stuck to go. Currently, both lanes of traffic are stopped. The big semi in the lane opposite shos absolutely no signs of life, as if it is has been stuck there for quite some time.

Hum. But this is a very pretty village, even if I can't see much of it due to the darkness that surrounds this snow-blanketed part of the world.

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