Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 104: Lardy Cakes

Over the break, my husband and I had time to explore Oxford a bit more, include one of my every-day, practical and always charming Covered Market.

I frequent the market weekly to do all-if I can get away with it-of my grocery shopping. This includes a visit to Bonners for figs and russett apples and Palm's Delicatessen for hard and salty Romano cheese, Irish soda bread (wholewheat and low GI) and the occasional locally made butter and jelly (our jam). I can pretty much get by on this for breakfast and snacks because I eat all other meals in hall or at my favorite cheap sandwich place where they know to always get my chicken peanut satay on brown baggette, the Alternative Tuck Shop.

However, because Hall was closed over the break and husbands like protein, I discovered the butcher and one other delightful find: Lardy Cakes.

As pictured, this involves, as the name implies, lard, butter, sugar, and a little flour. Perfect for our New Year's diets!



  1. Lard AND butter. Because just one is never enough!

  2. It looks like I was wrong - there is lard and shortening in these cakes...because they are different and because one is never enough.