Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 116: East Oxford

Doctor's appointments have helped me discover a whole new Oxford, East Oxford.

Just over Magdalen bridge, there are a whole slew of restaurants, shops, and amenities to delight students and locals alike. I noted a Spanish Tapas Bar that sold tapas for 1/2 price from 4-7 p.m., and a pizza place next door (Lulus was it?) selling pizzas two for 10 pounds. And then there was Cous-cous, which provides a 10% student discount. For one who is used to Brigham Young University's starving student card discounts (and married to one who used the card to take out dates irrespective of 1) what was in his bank account, and 2) the degree of mortification silently expressed by his date - never me, mind you - we dated long after our BYU days were done - but I would have respected his stereotypical-to-the-extreme Mormon cheapness inherited from his wonderfully frugal parents), I appreciate such accommodation.

But the restaurant that tops them all and which need offer no student discounts for its very reasonably-priced and delectable entrees, is Moya. Based on the great recommendation of a friend, I took a classmate out there for her birthday Thursday night. We were not disappointed. It is a Slovakian restaurant, small, with great service. Each dish my girlfriend and I had was absolutely amazing - so much it took our breath away. I recommend the bean goulash with the small dumplings and the bubble cake.

I have also discovered a new thrift store - Very Vintage (pictured) - that side of town. It is a combination of carefully selected vintage pieces for men and women and new items for formal events (the many held in Oxford). Unlike the Unicorn, it has plenty of standing room and has fun displays full of old leather cases with vintage shoes, purses, and snuff boxes, baskets full of grandfather-ties and bowties, riding boots, pill-box hats, and fur capes. The best part was the 1950s vintage ball gown that is modest enough to cover all necessary body parts (unless I haven't mentioned it, Mormons, or at least this and other card-carrying temple-goers, cover shoulders and thighs and avoid things that are tight). If only it fit into our x-starving student card-using budgets!

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