Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 121: What I Saw in Oxford Today

Today I have encountered very eclectic vignettes from my wanderings, meetings, and studies at Oxford, including the following:

* A homeless man drinking orange juice and reading two books (I think he was the same I met before Christmas also reading a book and who had volunteered that day)

* A man wearing a top hat. I think he was serious.

* Having my favorite Unicorn shop owner tell me in exasperation that she would have to take clothes off of a rack and pile them back on since her pile of stuff has started preventing customers from getting in the door. She was, again, mending something when I came in (see past post on the Unicorn).

* Secondary school students (our highschoolers) smoking pot in a stone alley way in preppy uniforms.

* The memorial to Shelley at University College. Beautiful and very moving.

* An empty All Souls Law Library. Perfect for studying, while all other libraries are full.

* Fantastic shelf holdings on Mormonism at the Vere Harmsworth Library at the Rothermere American Institute - who would have thought. It also includes a lot of anti stuff, but I guess that is to be expected.

* My acceptance letter (conditional on getting distinction - apparently it is standard) to do a doctorate here. I'm a grateful girl.

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