Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 128: A Calling at Last

Now that my husband and I attend the same congregation, my church “records” are here in England (funny and perhaps antiquated quirk in church record keeping – they will not separate a husband and wife's church records and automatically place the couple in the husband's congregation), and I received my first “calling,” or un-paid church responsibility this Sunday: assistant primary chorister.

This means that, once the current primary chorister moves back to the states in April, I will be responsible for teaching the 3-12 year old children in my congregation how to sing and memorize several gospel songs in preparation for a yearly “primary program,” wherein the children of the ward are responsible for a full 40 minute program in sacrament meeting in front of the whole congregation in October or November each year. This usually involves them performing 6-10 songs intermitted between short talks given by the children. It is generally the favorite Sunday for the adult members of the ward, no matter how well the children do.

This is not an easy responsibility, but I love it. I had this calling in my last congregation for two years, and I miss it and the children, very much. I am looking forward to this calling, and serving with the other sisters (we call one another “brothers” and “sisters” in the LDS church) in primary.

The difference now, of course, is that the children, many of them, have little British accents. As I listened to the child called upon to give the prayer this Sunday, I determined that there are few things more adorable than listening to a child pray—in a wee British accent

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  1. Oh I bet they are so cute with their little accents! I'm in Primary and know how much work the chorister does- I'm sure you're great at it and they're so glad to have you!