Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 189: Best of Oxford

During my 6+ months here at Oxford, I've created a mental list of favorites, and think it's finally time to share:

Best cheap lunch - The Alternative Tuck Shop
Best cheap cream tea - The Nosebag
Best overpriced cream tea - The Old Parsonage
Best Overall Restaurant - Moya
Best Quick Breakfast - Heroes (also provides a student discount)
Best Indian - Chutney
Best Pies - Piemister, Covered Market
Best Pub - The Bear
Best Pizza - Pizza Express (very atmospheric)
Best Smoothies - Cow Place in Covered Market
Best Produce - Covered Market
Best Pastry - Lardy Cakes, Covered Market

Best college architecture - Magdalen College
Best cloisters - New College
Best overall grounds - Lady Margaret Hall/Worcester College
Best gardens - St. John's
Best dinning hall - Christ Church (sorry, cliche, but it's the truth!)
Best library - Queen's College, followed closely by All Soul's Library and then perhaps the Duke Humphrey's in the Bodleian
Best chapel - Magdalen
Best Evensong - Magdalen (but I hear New College gives it a run for its money)
Best Leather Store - Covered Market
Best Pedicure - Covered Market
Best Cookies - Ben's Cookies, Covered Market

Best Acoustics - Sheldonian Theatre
Best Cultural Experience - Seeing Michaelangelo and Raphael Prints/Sketches (one-on-one) at the Ashmolean Museum
Best Thrift Store - Very Vintage
Best Get-Anything Store - Boswells (pharmacy, housegoods, toys, buttons)
Best Cheap Stuff - Primark
Best Cheap Bookstore - 2 Pound Bookstore Across from Christchurch (very good books - over prints from London Museums like the Victoria and Albert, and everything is 2 pounds!)
Best Expensive Bookstore - Blackwells, of course (and the cafe is a great place to meet friends to study/chat)
Best Socks & Oxford "Stash"- Shepherd & Woodword
Best Movie Rentals - Oxford Student Union Library
Best Mobile Phone Company - "3" Phone Store (You can call the U.S. from their Skype mobiles for basically free)

Best Unexpected Walk - by the Canal to the Electronic Bodleian Building West of Oxford
Best View - Port Meadow
Best Country Walk - to Eynsham from Oxford
Best Hidden Field with a View - by the St. Giles Car Park south east of the Isis
Best Run - Oxford University Park

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  1. do you know that I'm coming to visit you and experience it for myself?