Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 211: No Hats, Please

With all of Britain's fetish with hats, one breed doesn't make their love-list: baseball caps.

In the U.S., baseball caps are generally used by men and women anytime of the year when they simply can't be bothered to do their hair. These they wear inside and out, as the purpose often isn't to shield the sun or rain, but to hide what's underneath.

I learned the hard way on Monday that that culture simply does not translate. I wore one of two baseball caps I've ever worn in my life, and felt a growing suspicion all day that something was not quite right. It wasn't. Not only is wearing hats inside considered rude (and mine was permanently-for the day-fixed atop my head regardless of location), but I realized I had not seen one person, even at a ball game, wear a baseball cap. It simply isn't done here.

Oh, bother. I'm afraid I was "terribly American" for a day. It shan't happen again...

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  1. You know how "you Americans" like to call "us Brits" quaint? Well... this is one situation in which I can quite happily employ that word to describe you! Loved this blog! :-)