Monday, May 31, 2010

Harry Potter Land with Flour and Eggs

Trinity Term brings with it exams and dissertation deadlines. And robed, subfusced students flocking to Exam Schools, pictured. I had the delicious opportunity today of handing in my 15,000 word-limited essay (mine was 14,941 thank you very much!) at 'schools', sans robes. But I'll get my turn at the robes when I sit to 'read' my final 'paper', or three-hour essay exam in three weeks.

I celebrated today by a marathon of mid-morning cream tea, followed by thrift store shopping and lunch with classmates at Quod. But undergrads often celebrate in a much different way.

I received an email a couple of weeks ago from someone within the University warning me that post-exam food trashing was harmful to the community, wasteful, and potential employers would somehow find out. I thought it a bit strange, but soon found out why it was sent.

I came back to college one day to find students in robes and proper sub fusc who looked quite dirty sitting on the front quad lawn, something we aren't suppose to do. I was told that it's a tradition (of apparently not recent origin) for friends to wait outside 'schools' and through flour, eggs, and spray champagne on the newly-finished student, who then gets sloshed and does something deliberately against the rules, like sitting on the front quad lawns or yelling as they did at last week's formal hall. Apparently, not much can be done because they have finished all technical requirements. Thus the email about employers finding out.

I wonder if the students wouldn't be so belligerent if the dons cared a bit less about being proper. But perhaps this kind of behavior is common at colleges all over the world and I just wouldn't know because my undergrad and law school alma mater, BYU, run by my church, always ranks #1 (among other things, like best library, most athletic, and most attractive co-eds)for most stone-cold sober...

-message by LaUT; typos by 3 mobile-

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  1. I meant to tell you recently when you emailed me from your mobile, that I love your mobile sign-off... "-message by LaUT; typos by 3 mobile-"

    It was particularly funny yesterday, when you sent me a text saying "how was urgent weekend?" I spent a little while trying to work out why you thought my weekend had been urgent, until you told me that 3 mobile had auto-corrected "ur" to "urgent" - it was highly entertaining! I think you should keep the auto-correct setting on your phone, if for no other reason than its entertainment value! ;-)