Saturday, September 18, 2010

Me v. the Prostitutes Take Three

My silent fight against prostitution in my little neighborhood received a definite pick-me-up this week.

I was foiled in my attempt to attend the Mayfair and St. James resident's meeting this last week because the chairman was suddenly called away, causing the meeting to be cancelled, but I did speak to a most vigorous mature woman standing at the door of the local library telling people about the cancelation.  We discussed the organization, my joining, and the issues I would like to raise (prostitution in Shepherd's Market and the traffic on our small street).

Instead of looking at me sidewise for being so prudish, she encouraged me to get involved, write letters, and said she would personally take issues I raised to the police committee on which she served for the Westminster council.  She even went so far as to say bully for me for "getting off my duff" and doing something instead of just complaining about it.

Nice to meet another not-so-silent fighter.  Perhaps I will feel more at home in my own home soon.

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