Sunday, September 12, 2010

Theft in Hyde Park Chapel

To the well-dressed vagabond who visited Hyde Park Chapel today: my coat wants its belt back!

Although I love the location of Hyde Park Chapel (on Exhibition Road in South Kensington, right next door to the Victoria and Albert Museum), its location comes with definite downsides.  Random visitors, some of them unwelcomed, have been known to steal things.  I learned this first hand today.

It was too bad, too.  Church today was otherwise perfect:  I had a wonderful experience while taking the Sacrament, all three speakers were exceptionally sincere and inspired, the musical number was very touching, and the children in Primary today (I still haven't been released from my ward calling of Primary Chorister) were funny little angels.

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  1. I had my halifax and bank of scotland cards stolen out of my wallet on December 20th, 2013 from Welling Mormon Church which led to a huge fraud scandal with mobile phone companies Vodaphone and Orange via a direct debit scam leading to a credit report defamation. Too bad so sad!