Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Universality of the Spirit

I had a lot of fun playing a small role in the Trick-or-Treating activity put on in my church building by several mothers in my downtown congregation.

I was assigned the role of a "1950's housewife," for the 50+ children who knocked on my classroom door.  My "stewed rats" were a big hit!  Many eager little hands reached into my pot to "feel them" only to back away when I told them the rats wouldn't nibble anymore, as they had been mostly dead all day.

One older girl was more persistent in her determination to feel them, and returned several times.  Finally, she invited herself into my "home" and struck up a conversation.  When I asked what "ward" she was in, she looked puzzled.

This is as common a question for Latter-day Saints as it is outside the Church to ask what someone does between adults.  It's a simple question of what congregation you live in, and provides some information on where a person is from and the people they might know.

Her startled face clued me in to her possibly not being a member, and I quickly asked, in non-jargon terms, if she was a member of the Church.  She said no, but she hoped to be in 2-3 months.  Now it was my turn to be surprised, and she explained that she and her family were studying with the missionaries.  They were on the "cup lesson," stated as if I would know exactly what she was talking about.  Sadly, I did--it's a gymic many missionaries (and this former missionary) use to teach about the restoration of the priesthood.

She told me how fun the lessons were, and how much she liked her missionaries.  I was a bit concerned, as it sounded as if she and possibly her family were investigating for the wrong reasons.

I asked another pointed question, and she began talking about how much she loved how she felt when they taught and when she went to church.  I began to relax a little: she was feeling the Spirit - the reason for converting that would help her stay active in the Church in the first tough post-baptism months.

I then shared with her that once she is confirmed a member and given the Gift of the Holy Ghost, if she kept the commandments, she could always feel that way.  Her dracula-inspired face paint began to crack and she smiled perhaps the biggest smile I had seen all night.

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