Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Christmas Buffer

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday.  A simple one that's dedicated to food, family, and being grateful.  It doesn't take an immense amount of planning beyond who will be where when and who's bringing what.  It just is a time of happy memories and feelings of gratitude for blessings received.  And a bit of football.

Thanksgiving also serves another important function that I already sorely miss here: keeping the Christmas season confined to the month (give or take) after the third Thursday in November.  True, the commercial creep into the pre-Thanksgiving days state-side has become ever persistent in recent years, but there are notable hold-outs such as Nordstrom and Santa Clause not coming until the very end of the Macy's Day Parade.  Despite the commercial creep, it is rare to find a soul who will put out the tree and lights before Thanksgiving - it's just not really done.

Here, it's no holds bar.  Commercial and non-commercial creep are everywhere, and it makes me a bit homesick.  I guess I feel like Christmas becomes less special if it is an every-day occurrence - much like the Disney Incredibles' (written by Mormons, fyi) villain saying: "If everyone is special, no one is..."

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