Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I voted

Come the first Tuesday of each November, I wear a sticker that looks like the above.

But it's been a while.  While living in Washington, DC before moving to London, instead of losing my representation in switching to local voting registration, I was allowed to maintain voting privileges in Utah.

Now that I live in London, despite the best efforts of the dwarf in the Utah County registrar's office to deprive me of my privileges as an American citizen simply because my "permanent" residence is abroad, I was able to continue my custom of voting absentee.

This election cycle was especially rewarding.  I knew one candidate for each primary race that I voted for in Utah, and many on a broader country cycle in the general.  I'm particularly proud of my friends Mike Lee, Utah's newest senator, and John Harmer, who, as of an hour ago, appears to be the newest  Congressman from the Bay Area.  And I'm beaming proud of my little sister, who, with too-little credit and too-little pay, helped Utah Governor Gary Herbert (who took office once Governor John Huntsman was appointed Ambassador to China) get elected.

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