Saturday, November 13, 2010

Oliver!: A West End Family Home Evening

My husband and I have made a renewed effort to follow our prophet and local leaders' counsel to hold a "Family Home Evening" once a week.  FHE is suppose to begin with a prayer and a song, and includes a short spiritual lesson, activity, and a treat.  To support this commandment, the Church has made all Church meetings taboo on Monday evenings.

As the commandment relates to actually setting aside sacred time for family (and not necessarily when this commandment is to be fulfilled), my husband and I have adapted FHE to our own circumstances.  It would be near impossible for my husband to come home predictably on a Monday night before 9 or 10 p.m.   However, Friday nights are a time when he can, with some degree of accuracy, predict and plan for an early evening home.

So we have begun holding our FHE on Friday nights.  Last night, my husband planned the activity, and I planned the lesson.  The activity turned out to be nose-bleed seats for Oliver! in the West End (the American Equivalent of Broadway, but in a much bigger geographical area).   We stopped at London's lone taco shop in Leichester Square on the way there (our treat), I taught what I learned recently about prayer as we walked (our lesson), and we barely made it up the six flights of stairs in time for the show to start.

We were mesmerized by the show.  The set, dancing, and acting (especially by Fagin) were superb--I wasn't expecting it to be that good.  Definitely better than some of the other West End shows I have seen - Grease, Legally Blonde, and Blood Brothers (Les Mis escapes comparison).

London is sometimes a hard place to live in, as is probably true for many big cities.  But a Family Home Evening like the one we had last night makes me very grateful to be here.  I just hope we didn't offend those passers-by who may have overheard our somewhat hushed rendition of "I Am a Child of God" as we hurried along...

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