Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Curzon, the King's Speech, and the Soul of the British

One of the benefits of living in Mayfair is the proximity to the Curzon Theatre, located (surprisingly) on Curzon Street.  It is an art and independent theatre which also shows mainstream films, enabling it to continue its primary mission.  It has a lovely cafe, and has opened up similar theatres in places like Soho, Richmond, and, recently, in partnership with HMV, in Wimbledon.

As a member of the Curzon, I was automatically sent information for London's film festival and scoped out what looked to me to be the best shows.  I missed all of them as I was busy and ill at the time; however, I noticed that the film I most wanted to see, The King's Speech, was showing as a Curzon film in January, and that there were special previews for which I could apply for a free ticket.

Last night I was able to see my free showing at the Wimbledon HMV Curzon.  It was worth the wait.  Not only did the theatre have a lovely little cafe and bar, kind and friendly staff, and an intimate theatre of 90 seats with plush chairs, but the film was phenomenal (with the exception of a few moments of gratuitous swearing for which I plugged my ears).

Collin Firth outdid himself as the stammering, frustrated, sensitive George the VI.  He should win all of the awards for his performance, as well as the supporting actors and actresses, writers, and directors.

I also gained a greater appreciation for the role of the British monarchs in the lives of their subjects.  There is a scene where "Bertie" laments that he can't raise a tax or form a government to help his country, but must do the thing that is most difficult for him - speak.  And yet, this role is so incredibly important, as King George (and Winston Churchill) provided the soul and stamina for the British people to withstand the terrors of World War II through the spoken word.


  1. Lorianne,

    I just saw The King's Speech for the second time and thoroughly agree with you that Colin Firth deserves every award out there! I have like him for a long time but he really out did himself in this performance. I attended two days of the Palm Springs Film Festival where I saw the film for the second time and then enjoyed his actual presence on stage. He seems like a genuinely nice man.

    Aunt Joan

  2. Hi Aunt Joan!

    The Palm Springs Film Festival sounds wonderful - are you a member there?

    I'd love to see Collin Firth in person. He definitely has a following from Pride and Prejudice - it's good to see his talent applied to other areas. Have you seen him in anything else?