Saturday, January 22, 2011

Neal's Yard Delights

"What's the difference between a really amazing haircut and a good haircut?"

"About two weeks."

Although I lived in DC for five years before moving here, I never did get used to the price of getting my hair cut and highlighted there as compared to Utah.  The same has been true here.

When figuring out the optimal solution to my dilemma, the thought has not escaped me that getting my hair done here could be used towards a very large chunk of a plane ticket across the Atlantic--upwards sometimes of 200 pounds at a fairly good salon, or $350--no joke.

I have tried coupons, but still have felt as if I was being taken to the cleaners, so I have taken to booking my hair cut and color in different months to spread out the pain.  Although I appreciate the need to develop a relationship with a hair dresser whom you trust, I have kept feeling like there must be a way to get a good hair cut at a decent price and not pay for the extra two weeks to have it absolutely perfect.

Yesterday I found my solution.  In the midst of the brightly-colored, delicious, organic restaurants of Neal's Yard (also home to the famous Neal's Yard Dairy and Neal's Yard Remedies) in Covent Garden, is a raw sort of salon called Hair by Fairy.

The prices are almost as good as they are in Utah, so I booked an appointment.  I admit to being just the tiniest bit scared of putting my hair in the hands of someone who was not top flight, but I was pleasantly surprised.  I love what she did.  I'm not adept (nor care) enough to know the miniscule difference throwing more money at it might have made for those extra two weeks, but, as it is, I'm an exceptionally happy customer.  The edginess of the salon meant I had to put up with disco music for two hours, but it also meant that my stylist was not stuck in the era in which they went to beauty school (or high school), and I might look like I belong to this decade.

What made the experience even better was her speed.  My hair has taken some professionals upwards of
5 hours (I lie not).  This time, I was in and out in two hours.  At the end, the head honcho told me I didn't even need to make an appointment.  Perfect.  Here's to simplifying my life and keeping money in my pocket.  


  1. I take it you are not one of those Washingtonians who go in for those four hundred dollar haircuts.

    A question: How do they differ? The Church of Latter Day Saints and

    The Reorganized Church of Latter Day Saints. I'd really like to know.

  2. There are few joys as exquisite as finding your perfect stylist/salon. I think it's third, right after falling in love with your spouse and falling in love with your children. And so, I congratulate you.

  3. @ Bill -No, I wasn't. But I actually *did* buy plane tickets to get my hair done in Utah (or just ended up there regularly enough to not find a good, reasonably-priced stylist in DC). So I guess you could say that, with the plane ticket, my cuts were pretty expensive.

    I'll respond to the latter in another post. I think it deserves its own.

  4. good find LaU! I found a coupon for 50% here in Copenhagen so I'm FINALLY going to get the chop chop.