Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super-sized American Embassy in London

This last week I tasted a bit of Americana here in Britain.  Little was provided by way of decor, everything was in super-sized quantities, and yes, there were sample ladies.

My trip to Costco with a few friends from my congregation here in London provided me an opportunity to complete a bit more of my three-month food storage with items I cannot seem to find in large quantities elsewhere here in the UK: 2 gallons of olive oil for 16 pounds, large canisters of pepper and cinnamon for a pound and change, and household supplies on the cheap (mom, are you proud of me?).

My visit transported me home for a couple of hours.  It would have been difficult to remember I was not in the lower 48 but for the accents and occasional British product: massive bottles of sweet chili sauce (from southeast Asian, but prevalent in common wealth countries), huge packages of malty loaf (yes, I got some), Cadbury chocolates, and pork pies and "jacket potato"additions to the small cafe menu at the front.  

The irony of it all was that I could not purchase much but those items which would do well in dry storage, as the standard refrigerator here is 1/3 the size of a normal U.S. refrigerator.

Sample Ladies!
Warehouse-styled decor (as in, none!).

UK-sized fridges.

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  1. Gee, sounds like prices for things at your British Costco are even better than here at home. Only sixteen pounds for 2 gallons of olive oil?? What a fun trip. My children call the samples "try-outs" and as we walk into our local Sam's Club (Costco is just a little too far) they beg for the chance to have any try-outs available. Thanks, btw, for a wonderful blog. I discovered it through and try now to keep up. I've spent time in London myself and feel very at home there.