Thursday, April 21, 2011

Salt Lake Covent Garden Souvenir

I am a bit of a collector of blue and white china, and was surprised to stumble upon this plate, entitled "A Souvenir of Salt Lake" with Utah icons fired on to it.  It was made in Staffordshire, England, by Rowland & Marsellus Co.

The places depicted on it include Temple Square (center), the Lion and Beehive Houses where Brigham Young and his many wives lived (now home to a wonderful little restaurant), Saltair, once the largest dance hall west of the Mississippi, a close-up of the Mormon Tabernacle (quite the architectural wonder in its day), Eagle Gate, and City Hall.

If I had to guess the plate's age, I would say it's an art deco piece from the 1930s, possibly made for the Saints who were too poor to migrate.  Anyone else?


  1. that is pretty awesome that you found that.

  2. Salt Air is a good clue.

    Look closely at the temple -- does it have a cross on the middle, east spire? If so, then even if the plate itself is a souvenir from the 1920s or 1930s, the depiction of the temple is from a Harper's magazine lithograph circa late 1880s (Allison and I have the lithograph framed and displayed in our house).