Thursday, May 19, 2011


I have thought about it for a very long time, and now I have finally done it: I've started a professional blog in conjunction with the non-profit I started, (currently under reconstruction).

There, not only do I address all of the more academic questions surrounding my happening upon a piece of an early version of the Constitution, but I have begun a series on constitution-writing (in case you ever write one).  Julie Silverbrook, another close ally in the ConSource cause, will also begin blogging about domestic judges and public officials who use primary constitutional sources in their work.

In writing this new blog (and linking you to it), I am revealing my full name - Lorianne Updike Toler (not that it was too difficult to figure out!)- and the above picture which ran in the Philadelphia Inquirer article February 2 of 2010.

This new blog is admittedly much more dry, but if you ever feel the hankering for U.S. constitutional legal history and commentary on international constitutional developments, you know where to turn!

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