Monday, June 27, 2011

Books for Food

On our meanderings around north central London while flat-hunting this weekend (yes, I might not be a Mormon in Mayfair for much longer), my husband and I stumbled upon the Book Barge, an independent bookseller on England's canals.  Brilliant. 

I was pleased to handle a series of short monograms written during WWII about 150 different facets of British culture - in case of Nazi invasion and/or to help the boys know what they were fighting for.  Books on British Universities (Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh), London Bridge, Chess, Clubs, and a whole host of other kinds of books from the series tempted me.

But the little tour of the 57' floating store got better.  I asked whether the boat was always moored in its then-current spot, and the individual manning the boat and store said no.  Expecting her to tell me she was there every Saturday, I was surprised to hear that she (and the shop) was taking a six-month tour around England raising awareness of the value of books and of independent book sellers generally, trading books for all things necessary to live.  Literally.  (OK, bad pun, but you can read more about this campaign and see where the boat is located on any given day here.) Posted on the boat's white board were the things needed for the day: a glass of wine and a shower.  I am looking forward to her forthcoming book about the experience and following her blog.

Too bad my indecision and maximizer tendencies prevented me from purchasing anything on the spot, but I am highly tempted to go to their event in Islington this Thursday evening to support the cause.  Anyone want to come?

WWII books on British culture.

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  1. What an amazing adventure. Good luck with the new flat (I hate moving).