Friday, June 3, 2011

Discovering London's Secret Gardens

For those who read The Secret Garden in younger days, did you ever wonder why all the fuss about gardens and plants, especially where there are high walls around them, ruining the view?

Well, moving to England has made everything evident.  The English are superb at garden-making, and design them particularly for private, even secret use.

My husband and I have begun to discover a few of London's secret gardens, especially those just south of the Thames.

This morning on our over-long run (how can a body be so tired after only 5 miles?  Aren't there people out there who are regular 10 or 15 mile runners?), my husband introduced me to Lambeth Palace's Garden Museum (and accompanying garden), a few peaks at walled-off gardens, and the Tibetan Peace Garden outside the Imperial War Museum.

On our way, we stumbled upon another garden with plants from all over the world.

These little oases provide an alluring sense of charm and calm all in one, perfect for a bit of out-loud reading in the early morning sun.  I look forward to discovering more.

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  1. Have you made it to the Chelsea Physic Garden? It's in the Chelsea area, just on the north side of the Thames. As I recall on walking there from my parents' flat it's not far from the Albert Bridge. It's lovely (and educational, even). I didn't want to leave.