Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Welcome to Primrose Hill

I found this neighbor's Primrose Hill home particularly charming.

After slogging through our move over the weekend and unpacking the last box yesterday, we can officially say it - we have moved.  Now comes the unsettling part of living a new move: finding where to send mail and buy groceries, setting up Internet, changing addresses, finding the quickest way to work and church (both 30 minutes and counting - argh), and the list keeps going...

Fortunately, it seems at least one part of the new move won't be so difficult: making friends.  In cutting down boxes for recycling yesterday, I met the little girl and her mother, Sophie and Emily, who live downstairs.  The mature gentleman who lives in the basement flat wasn't quite so nice.  He came out to check on my work and gruffly tell me that the rubbish heap (filled not with our stuff but with the previous tenant's attic-rubbish) needed to make way for prams.  Even though brusque, I didn't mind.  His care over others' children demonstrated the neighborhood-ness of my new street and "block" (what they call a building here).

I also ran into the shopkeeper to which I sold my friend's royal wedding souvenirs at the nearby pub, where I was poaching internet.  She came with girlfriends for an early evening drink, and invited me to join them.  As the hour wore on, friends flocked to their table.  Some were invited, others merely were already there and knew them well.  I felt I had suddenly been initiated into a scene from "Cheers" where everyone would soon know my name, complete with inappropriate conversations about waxing unmentionables and what they call "yummy mummies" here.  Although I blushed profusely throughout the conversation and had nothing to contribute when it came to unmentionables, I was warmed by the welcome.

P.S. I suppose now that we live in Primrose Hill, I should change the name of this blog.  Yet there is  another move (I know, hold on to your seats!) upcoming in the next two months for me - to Philadelphia.  That's right - my husband is staying here, and I am putting in eight months of residency in the town where all the documents are that I need for my doctorate.  This blog will remain the same, and I'll keep at it so long as I find things to write about.  Stay tuned.


  1. Waxing Unmentionables . . . that was my laugh for the day. Glad you found a nice quiet, friendly, place to live. Hope to see you while you are in PA!! Maybe me, Kim and her girls come come and visit. By the way I saw Patrice & Kodie at a SA conference last week.

  2. Congrats on the new place, I'm excited to see it tomorrow night for book club!

  3. I remembered about your blog in the middle of the night and now I've found it! Thank you for making us feel welcome in the ward. Sorry that you will be leaving so soon. You'll have to let me know where your post is about your haircut -- which is very cute, I must say! And sorry I talked so much about piano/callings.

  4. Oh, I'm so glad you found a place to live. I loved visiting this area and am so happy that you get the live there, at least for a time. Keep us updated!