Sunday, August 28, 2011

Foxes in the Night

Called "Jurassic Park" because of the squirrels, wood pigeons, starlings, and yes, foxes who live there.

Mayfair kept us awake with the sounds of constant taxis and nightclub crawlers.  Primrose Hill is much more quiet, but not entirely devoid of ear-piercing nightsounds.

I had been forewarned by new neighbors living below us, but was still startled by the mating cries of the foxes that apparently live in the conglomerated back gardens behind us (pictured above).  Our neighbor said it sounded like a child being tortured.  Not far from the truth, yet I did not expect it to last for several hours.

Good thing I did not call the police.  I would not want them to hunt out our rioting night foxes.

P.S. Thanks to all of you who left feedback on formats for my book, especially to Maurianne - she had already written an entire dissertation on the topic!  Would still welcome your help if you can lend it.

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