Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Farewell to my Favorite English Things

Twinings on Fleet Street is the oldest tea shop in London.

As I mentioned in the last post, I am starting a doctorate at the University of Pennsylvania next week.  This meant that Monday was my last day in London for eight months while I fulfill my residency requirement.  Although my day was filled with preparations for the move and an upcoming Constitution Week event The Constitutional Sources Project is hosting in Washington, DC with David McCullough, I was able to see a few of my favorite London things and people.

These included lunch with my husband in Mount Street Gardens, a Utah-priced haircut and color at Hair by Fairy, Stanford's map shop, Esther Woodbury, and Louise Browning and Co.

My day also included a new favorite, the oldest tea shop in London, Twinings on Fleet Street.  Although Twinings is a familiar brand in the UK and US, the herbal variety sold in stores and shops on either side of the Atlantic do not compare with the dozens on offer in this quaint little shop.  My newest herbal acquisition there: a lavender and cocoa blend.

Herbal tea and friends have been the best parts of living in England the last two years, so visiting the Twinings shop with a friend was a fitting way to close this last chapter of my life. (And thanks to Laurel Dougal for the recommendation - next time, I intend to stay for tea!).

Farewell-for now-to my favorite English things.  I will be missing you over the next eight months!

Twinings on Fleet Street has hundreds of tea varieties.

Creative concoctions at Hair by Fairy.


  1. Welcome back to the rainy East Coast. Hopefully the sun will come out soon. Twinings looked marvelous and as for that lavendar and cocoa blend I am very jealous ;)

  2. i have to try that herbal tea mix... lavender and cocoa sounds very interesting!

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