Monday, November 28, 2011

The "Progression" of Mitt Romney

From my cousin's blog - Miles, the little boy covering Mitt's mouth, is too funny.

Last night I read a relatively negative article in the Washington Post undermining one of Mitt Romney's comebacks to being a flip-flopper - an enduring commitment to his faith despite its unpopularity (also an insider's dig at Huntsman, who has not been faithful by most standards) - by pointing out that even there, he has "progressed."

Yet the Post has unwittingly identified one of the great constants of my faith: eternal progression.

You see, we believe that when Christ said, "Be ye therefore perfect even as your father in heaven is perfect," that he actually meant it.  That we are to strive, with the Savior's atoning help, to literally become like our Father in Heaven.

This is no small order, and has stunning breadth.  Be a perfect father.  Be a perfect business man.  Be a perfect bishop, or whatever your "calling," or church responsibility might be.  We recognize doctrinally that, for most things (it is relatively easy to be a perfect tithe payer with precision) this is not actually possible in this life, and we conceptually reserve much work on perfection, again with the Savior's help, for the next.

Thus the phrase "eternal progression." Yet progression also applies to this life.  If we can't be perfect now, we at least can and should become better.  As years pass, we should become more compassionate, more faithful, more knowledgeable, more...

For someone like Mitt, it is conceivable that he has adopted this philosophy in all ways, including politically.  As long as he is progressing towards truer concepts and better understanding of policy, in his mind, perhaps, he is being constant.  It's what our faith teaches.

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  1. That's a great photo! I think if folks could see photos like this of Mr. Romney interacting with his family, it would help to humanize him. Just a thought.