Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Purity of Primary

Primary seems to be my perma-calling (or lay responsibility in my faith).  For the last five years and four wards, or congregations, I am always "called" to do music in the Philadelphia.

It suits me.  I love getting to know the small cadre of intelligent women who serve with me in the Primary, I get to use an otherwise latent talent, I love children, and I especially love the purity of the gospel in primary.

Children need the gospel, or the message of Christ crucified, in its simplest, most basic form.  I have learned by serving in Primary that when we can distill the gospel message to its basics, it is most powerful.  But it is usually the children who teach this rather than the adults.

A few quotes from my little teachers are illustrative:

Q: "What does the Spirit feel like?"

A: "Strong!"

Q: "(Comparing growing faith to the sun, water, and soil need to grow a seed.) What are the three things we have to do to grow our faith?"

A: "There are actually four - reading scriptures, prayer,  attending church, and going to the temple--and time."

(When encouraged to sing and do hand motions at the same time) "If Michael Jackson can do it, anyone can!"

Q: "If you can't see Him, can we really know that Heavenly Father is there?"

A: (emphatically): "I know He is there because He answers my prayers!"

Impromptu talk by my five-year-old nephew: "The 2,000 stwipling (stripling) warriors prayed a lot, and so the Lord gave them stwength (with appropriate muscle-flexing motions).  In battle, not one of them died.  And so, if we pray and have faith, the Lord will make us strong." (This accurate portrayal of the story is taken from Alma 56-57 in the Book of Mormon.)

It is a privilege to serve with these valiant little warriors.  If my experience is representative of children all over the world, I have good hope for the future leadership of my faith.

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