Sunday, December 4, 2011

In Need of a Blessing

One half of what would have been our Christmas picture - me in our London flat today.

I had nearly gotten over one cold only to be smitten by another this week.  This right before I was scheduled to take an extended weekend trip to London for work and to visit my husband.
I was frustrated and overwhelmed—I had been preparing for this trip and its business for weeks, needed to be sharp, and was so looking forward to seeing my sweet husband and spending quality, non-sick time with him.  I was also worried about not getting good sleep on the red-eye flight to London and getting others sick.

As the hour of my departure drew near and I continued to retrogress, I reached out to the only other Latter-day Saint I had yet met at Penn law (I knew there were others, but had not yet met them).  I knew him to be a worthy priesthood holder, and I asked him for a priesthood blessing.

He came to my office in a quiet corner of the library and administered a blessing just before I left for the airport.  As he spoke, hands placed on my head, I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude.  For the presence of the priesthood on earth today, for the worthiness of this man, and that, although he did not know me well, he was still able to act as a mouthpiece for my Father in Heaven to provide words of comfort, healing, and peace.

And you know, the blessing worked.  I am now on my way back from London, having had a wonderful, productive time.  I steadily have gotten better despite the red-eye flight, the changed hours, and the busyness of the trip.  I believe I presented well in my long-prepared-for meetings, and the weekend with my husband was blissful. 

I hope the man seated next to me on the plane fared as well… 

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  1. I'm sad that I missed seeing you this time in London. We've had fun seeing your husband at Church and at the daVinci "screening" party. I'm so glad you didn't get sick. I got sick this last time coming home and am finally recovering.