Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Top Tens

As 2011 draws to a close, my husband and I have reflected on the wonderful experiences we've had over this crazy year - me with heading up ConSource again (new website to be launched soon!) and moving to Philly to start a doctorate, him by staying in London to continue in his job in finance.  We are grateful for many things, including this years' top tens (in no particular order):

Top Ten Experiences
1. Early morning breakfasts from our rooftop terrace overlooking London
2. Trooping of the Color

3. Having David McCullough ask me what he could do for ConSource

4. Petting a beluga whale at Sea World with nieces and nephew

5. Seeing what is being called the best Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit ever at the National Gallery in London (for my husband)
6. Bicycling (or swimming) through the blooming tulip fields of Holland

7. Time with grandparents - my aunt letting us spend an evening with grandparents and having another grandma beat us in blackout—we hope we look as good at 90+!
8. Arguing against the proposition, “This House Believes that Democracy is Essential for Human Progress” in an Oxford Union Debate and winning in a landslide (for me - we really mean republicanism, as good government needs the kind of deliberation smaller groups allow)

9. Visiting the temple multiple days in a row on our London temple vacation

10. Getting an article on the drafts of the Constitution – and the drafts – published (for me)

Top Ten Places Visited
1. Amsterdam
2. My ancestral home in Elburg, The Netherlands where my ancestors were baptized, married and buried in the still-standing church dating from the 1300s 

3. Riding horses, a four wheeler, and an ancient cart pulled by a tractor (sleigh-style) at my husband's family farm in Robin, Idaho

4. My husband's family in Clovis, California--twice!

5. Bath, England for our anniversary

6. The Vatican

7. Our friend's country home in Terni, Italy with his niece and nephew

8. San Diego for my family reunion

9. Sheboygan, Wisconsin for my nephew's baptism and having my two-year-old nephew glued to my side for a week while attempting to write a 50-page paper for school
10. Vienna Austria

Happy 2012!

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