Sunday, January 8, 2012

David Archuleta is Trying to Be Like Jesus

This is why I feel so passionately about teaching children in my congregations little-people hymns - because the songs stay with them and influence them to do good throughout their life.

David Archuleto was chosen as #2 on American Idol several season ago.  Since his American Idol debut, he has become a national star.  Recently, he has chosen to serve a mission for my faith, putting a successful career aside for two years to serve the Lord.

I shared this video today in Primary.  The children gathered close around my laptop and, I hope, felt the Spirit as David belted a song with which they are familiar.  I testified that if they actually learn and feel the songs I and others teach them this year, the songs will become a part of them and influence them the rest of their lives to do good, hopefully like the example singing this song, David Archuleta.

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  1. David has set an amazing good example for others in making a choice to serve a mission that will impact him forever. That impact will be in his future life and music too. As I was listening to the video I was imagining what would be different about him following his mission service and I wouldn't be surprised if his music or at least his presentation is even better. Even if that is not true, his mission service alone will have a great and positive impact on many. Good for him for making this choice.