Sunday, February 19, 2012

Defying Gravity

See the man in the orange jacket up on the beam, placing it?
He's laying the frame for the 20 or 30-something floor (would be 29th floor in my building)...

I have spent the last week in New York City finishing up and submitting an article on which I have been laboring off-and-on for over three years(!), and have spent most of the time at my desk in our apartment facing this sight.

As I have watched the construction workers scale not walls, but large chunks of metal hundreds of feet above New York streets, seemingly without fear, I have gained new respect for the construction workers of this city.  Not only must they have hard skills, they must also be able to rock climb, rappel, tight-rope walk, lift (and drag, carry, and place) weights, follow engineering designs, and understand and carry out precise math--all while braving the cold and enormous heights from which they work.

And I sit at my desk and think what I'm doing is not only hard, but should be paid significant sums of money.  When did using a solitary bodily asset (one's mind) become worth more than using, say, 10?

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