Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Gratitude List

With dear friend and her son yesterday at a St. Patrick's Day zoo trip.
Yesterday she said that in our long friendship, she is most proud that she 1) got me a green wig and
2) that I wore it for St. Patrick's Day.  not a bad look, eh?  
My husband and I have been "called," or given a responsibility in the Primary of our new congregation, the Manhattan 1st Ward, to teach the six and seven year olds.

It's an age where they are preparing for baptism at age eight, so we are helping them to learn gospel basics like how to pray, how to look up and read scriptures, and the most essential elements of all, feeling Heavenly Father's love and coming to know Jesus Christ as their Savior.

We began a couple of weeks ago with a lesson on prayer, and taught them the order of prayer: 1) addressing Heavenly Father, 2) expressing gratitude for blessings received, 3) asking for blessings they would like to receive, and 4) closing in the name of Jesus Christ.

To help them better learn #2, I have challenged them to write up gratitude lists that can operate as cheat sheets for them as they pray.

I figured the teacher should also meet the challenge, so this is what my gratitude list looks like as of today:

I am grateful for

1. Being able to live with my husband!

2. New York City sunshine.

3. Good and new friends who live close by here in the city (pictured to the right).

4. The New York Public Library (pictured below) - all the academic books I need, rich special collections, and free DVD rentals!

5. Living close to Central Park.

6. Good food in New York.  This week I sampled Sarabeth's on Central Park South, Hummus Kitchen on 9th, Mi Nidito's on 8th, and Rocs in Tribeca.  Feeling very spoiled.  I also discovered Fairway last weekend, and I'm predictably hooked on their produce.

7. Living within an 11-minute walk to church and the temple - amazing!

8. Being able to pursue my career goals and dreams, in large part thanks to my sweet husband.

9. Truly great art close at hand.  I visited the Neue Gallery yesterday thanks to the generous invitation of a friend and saw Klimts and Schieles for the second time this year, as well as a Degas, Cezannes, and Van Goghs.

10. Printed scriptures and the ability to read them.  In preparing today's lesson today with my husband, I reflected on how much deeper our understanding and therefore faith in Jesus Christ can be because of a printing press and higher literacy.

11. Prayer.  I am a pray-er, and I know of its power to teach us of God and His Son.

12. The opportunity to teach the gospel together with my husband and the impetus for this post.

Scharzman building of the New York Public Library

The last few days have been very sunny - here's the pond in Central Park.
Does it take having lived in London to be *so* grateful every time the sun shines?


  1. Yes, I would rather live in NYC than London any day of the year! Being grateful is the least we can be considering we are alive.

    When I went to Sunday school, we were taught the proper order of prayers with the simple acronym ACTS.

    A = adoration
    C = confession
    T = thanksgiving
    S = supplication.

    It sounds as if you and your husband are happy and doing well. To have the convenience that you two enjoy is an added blessing. Great for you guys!

  2. Yes, you do look great in that wig! Of course you look great all the time. That is an excellent gratitude list and helped me reflect on what I'm grateful for.

  3. Aloha! Please pardon the intrusion... I stumbled upon your blog while I was researching Oxford and how to go about moving to/working in the London area, as well as locating local meetinghouses. I'm hoping to finish my graduate degree at Oxford in the future and wondered if you could share any helpful information with me. My email address is and any advice would be incredibly appreciated!

    Mahalo nui!