Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Sunday Walk in the Park

Victorian [what is this called here where the Queen doesn't reign?] style
architectual buildings like this Dairy dot the park
After church both today and last Sunday, I've taken the occasion to take a walk in Central Park, which borders the LDS church/temple on 65th and Columbus.

Central Park is part village, part concrete, and part--a smaller part than I would like--grass and natural things.  Frankly, today's jaunt made me miss the Royal Parks of London, which seemed to have much less concrete and fewer people.

But "the" Park, in local lingo, is not without its charms, including hidden boweries with great views, very good mariachi bands, giant, kid-friendly giant bubbles, variated topography, so-so cellists, non-official recylcists, and public chalk-drawings (as in, pick up a piece of chalk and start drawing).  Not exactly great interaction with nature, but makes for great people watching.  Always a good Sunday activity.

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