Sunday, May 27, 2012

Top Ten Free Things to Do in New York City: The Letterman Show

So much in the last week and a half has been crossed off the New York bucket list, including seeing Sister Act, Evita, going to the 9.11 memorial (see last week's post) and, Tuesday night, seeing the Letterman Show, just around the corner, live.

I was able to go with dear friend Sarah Jensen Clayton.  Letterman hosted Bill O'Reilly and the winners of a bird calling competition - the latter was the best part of the show.

Actually, the best part of the show was that it was free.  Would-be attendees can sign up online or in person (10-12 a.m. every day, see instructions below) and then go through a process of winning the "lottery," connecting via live call with studio employees and then showing up to be screened into sitting groups before waiting to actually sit for the show.  After about three hours of waiting, it is nice to sit in the studio and be entertained.  But for the pages who try so hard to get us to laugh and interact with Dave during the show, perhaps that is the key to getting us to laugh harder: don't make us wait for so long to sit down - we are exhausted!

I don't know yet if I'd put this on  my top 10 list of free things to do in New York City, but it's up there.

What they post at the Letterman Show regarding tickets. 

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