Sunday, June 3, 2012

This Week + NY Bucket List = Success

Went to Amateur Night @ the Apollo Theater with Andrea Metz.  Huge highlight of my time here so far.
This week I ticked off four (4!) items on my NY bucket list, plus had a few unexpected highlights.  The pictures will speak for themselves.

These were the top three winners.  The third place winner was a Japanese NZ dancer in Sumo wrestler costume - hilarious- the back side covered even less - this girl from Provo averted her eyes more than once!

Hiked a bit of the Highline and found these hillbillies playing for a crowd - Sarah Jensen Clayton, still waiting to do all of it with you! I would add this to the top 10 free things to do in NYC.

Stardust Dinner=amazing.

The waitresses get up on the tables/dividers and put on a show while you eat the very good food - all while getting your order to you in time.
And sometimes the waitresses cuddle up to you while singing their song.

With our friend Courtney Young
Cloisters on Sunday.

We liked the gardens best.

See the George Washington Bridge?

And my new vintage dress? We are kind of pathetic - both working for a bit.

New friends - randomly ran into the girl on the left three times in three days.  Here she is with her husband at the vintage market Courtney and I went to on Saturday.  She and her husband are both LDS and somehow always match.

The end.


  1. Love your blog! Yeah! How did u get to the cloisters? And I know thy couple. I don't know kimberly's husband that well though. Love your new find n

  2. So fun! This reminded me to add a couple things to my list, the cloisters being one of them. Also, the girl in the photo toward the bottom. I know her somehow. She either went to Provo High or she served in my mission. Small world.