Sunday, July 29, 2012

Good Mormon Celebrities - Where are They?

I recently came across this article about 10 celebrities that used to be Mormon.  It made me sad to think that the magazine/post writer could only come up with has-beens, not still-ares.  Is it completely impossible to live in the Hollywood world and not be of that world--keeping to the dress standards, following the health code (no drinking, no smoking, no illicit drugs nor coffee and tea), and living the law of chastity (no sex outside of marriage, fidelity within)?

Then, as I was watching some of the "I'm a Mormon" little clips at (I'd highly recommend them if you haven't gotten hooked yet), I came across this video for Brandon Flowers, lead singer of the Killers:

Finally, I had found one star who was living Church standards and still wildly popular in the music industry.  Good for him. It would be so easy for him not to be, and it did my heart good to know that the "fire was still burning" for him.

Anyone have any "good Mormon" celebrity examples from inside Hollywood proper (beside the Osmonds)?


  1. I was bummed out by that article too. Those people are sure missing out.
    Its harder to think of actors and singers but there's David Archuleta, Brooke White, and of course Gladys Knight comes to mind.
    Jon Heder is kind of a one hit wonder but he's LDS. Like I said hard to think of actors that are still active LDS.
    There's a number of LDS athletes in the Olympics. Breeja Larson comes to mind.
    Torah Bright won gold in snowboarding in last Olympics and told the interviewer she was getting married in the temple a few months later. I love when people can use their attention to share the gospel.
    I love that clip with Brandon Flowers. Shows we are not all the same and having high standards does not need to stifle creativity.

  2. I really enjoyed this clip on Brandon Flowers. I think a lot of Mormons can identify with sometimes knowing it's true but not living up to its standards. The difference with Brandon and a couple of the other celebrities listed in that article is that it appears as though regardless of choices, Brandon didn't choose to embrace being a former Mormon. Good for him, and good to see him come around. It's not always easy and I think that message needs to be conveyed. We're just trying to do our best. Thanks for your site and the ideas you share. Looks like you're getting a well deserved following.