Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hell's Kitchen Delights

Plantain chips and guac @ Empanada Mamma's -
the most expensive foodstuff on the menu, but amazing.

We live in an area of Midtown most usually linked to Columbus Circle, yet our yuppy/business neighborhood borders on an area of Midtown called Hell's Kitchen.

The origin of the name "hell's kitchen" for this portion of Manhattan is somewhat murky, having been attributed to Davy Crockett, a diner, and a policeman.

Whatever it is, I am grateful that it's there, and that it is close.  Mostly for the cheap ethnic restaurants, including Empanada Mamma's (pies range from between $2.60 to, wait for it, $3,00), Wondee Siam (with the best tom kha gai soup I've ever had, and it was $4), and the Pita Grill (everything was amazing).  I'm looking forward to trying Mooncake Foods, Pier 9, Nook, Grand Sichuan International, and just about everything on Restaurant Row on 46th street.

Saturday as we made our way uptown from Family Home Morning walking the Highline, we discovered Hell's Kitchen Flea Market, much to my delight.  I decided to take pictures of those things I did not buy (it's called "research" for later homemaking when I actually have something approximating a home...).
Ok, the shoes are not for decoration...

 coffee table by day and (an open) crib by night, no?


  1. I like Sullivan Street Bakery for their potato pizza (and others). I walked there from the Javits Center between morning and afternoon sessions on the multi-state day of NYS bar to get lunch. It was an incredibly hot 100+ day, but worth it.

    1. Thanks for the tips! Will definitely be trying it.

  2. Lovely post and blog! I just read your 'about me' section and that you re-named your blog to reference your relocations. I'll be relocating to Philadelphia in 6 weeks and have long been thinking about how the blog name change will go. Any recommendations for transitioning the blog based on the new location? Any good post ideas for the transition? Thanks for your help, and for a great read!


    1. Jenna - thanks! Each time I switch locales, I write an introductory post to my new location, changing the internal title but not the URL of my blog. Then I begin writing series and creating new tags for that locale to sort of "integrate" my reader. I haven't lost but only gained readership with each new move. Hope that helps!