Tuesday, July 17, 2012

In Celebration of the Dress

Living in New York City has given me a new appreciation for what it means to dress "modestly."

I have felt for much of my life that dressing according to standards of my faith presents a specific challenge and opportunity.  Finding fashions that are not see-through, not too tight, and that cover appropriate lengths of the legs, arms, and neck and back areas is difficult enough.  One can always layer, but the heat of the summer makes that an unattractive option.  Being fashionable in addition to modesty and temperature concerns?  Nearly impossible.

Yet here in New York City I constantly encounter those of other faiths - specifically, Hasidic Jews and Muslims - who are required to cover even more, including arms to wrists, legs to ankles, and hair and necks.  I can't imagine how these women swelter in the heat, not to mention struggle to find layers and fashions that work, and have decided we Latter-day Saint women have it easy! (Wearing a headscarf in Libya certainly introduced me to the added rise in temperature that some clothing, namely, head veils, introduce.)

To celebrate great fashion that also happens to be modest (according to LDS standards), I've decided to start recording and posting dresses--usually the most difficult wardrobe piece to find ready-made  modest-- I happen to see on the street and tag them here as "NYC Dress Celebrations." From today's experience, it invariably makes the wearer's day.

Mink by Jordiano - unfortunately now out of business.  Absolutely amazing.

Probably could have used a little iron, but I loved the yellow on blue/green combo.  Also a little retro.  From the Refinery in Brooklyn. I thought she was beautiful.

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  1. haha I would have been intimidated if a beautiful lady, such as yourself, came up and asked to photograph me..I would have looked like the lady in your 2nd picture haha. I think the challenges you speak of are why many have turned to skirts and "blouses".