Friday, August 10, 2012

A Visit from the Momma

Isn't she cute?
While the Momma was here last week, she helped me check off a lot of items on my NYC bucket list.  Here I record just one day of her visit.

We visited the flower district, then poked around Canal Street (it's not pretty, so I didn't take pictures), found us some amazing Korean barbeque (Kori on Church Street?) in Tribeca (breathtakingly different within a matter of feet from Chinatown), then stumbled into some great architecture for regular city services in the East Village on our way to Shakespeare in the Park(ing Lot).

An old school fire station converted into a community theater center.  Engines couldn't fit in there anymore. 

Shakespeare in the Park(ing Lot).  We were lucky to get seats.  Very good acting, not great acoustics.

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