Sunday, October 7, 2012

New York Dress Celebrations: Take 5?

As the weather cools off here in the Big Apple, I thought I'd get at least one more modest dress celebration in before all those coats come out...

Might need a little bit of tugging around the neck, but I thought this Banana Republic
dress lovely, and this stunning woman said she always got lots of compliments.  Not
sure if that was because of the dress or because she is just so beautiful (at 60+?).

Couldn't get enough of this dress in the window of Anthropologie at Rockerfeller Center. 
This dress from Mango was even better from the front...

Turns out that the dresses at Thomas Pink are often modest.   
Too bad this picture is so lousy, but this was my favorite of the lot - hand stitched
by a company that gives women in the slums of India a decent living -

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