Sunday, October 7, 2012

Of Temples, Birthdays, and Bucket Lists

I knew I wasn't in Kansas (or is that NYC?) anymore when, as I worked for three hours in this Raleigh Panera,
these sweet women knitted and gossiped for all three hours. I think they collectively spent $5, and
the employees didn't seem to mind at all. 

I feel like I should apologize for the no posts - I started taking classes this semester down at Penn (that's UPenn, not Penn State!), and commuting down to Philadelphia Monday through Thursday, staying atop my consulting practice (about which I blog at and tweet @intconstitution) Fridays, and attempting to be a good wife and Primary teacher on the weekends has kept me very busy.

The highlights of the last two weeks have included seeing my husband's sister go through the temple in Raleigh, North Carolina again for the first time in a decade - quite the accomplishment! - checking off another NYC bucket list item in seeing a concert at Carnegie Hall (thanks, babe, for the birthday gift!), and being thrown a birthday party for the second year in a row by my very dear friends, the Claytons (lemon cake, streamers, and outsized card written by the kids were just what I wanted!).

A bit of a blury pic, but the Martucci and Respighi sounded divine.  

Finally got to try something from Magnolias!  Sarah, you are the best!

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