Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Visit to a Country Farm

My husband and I visited a farm near the Hudson River yesterday and tried to get in touch with our inner farmers.  It didn't work too well, as the farm was designed more for tourists as a business than for real needs, but it made for a fun and interesting afternoon nevertheless.

Stone Barns Farm.
Hurricane Sandy found them.

Possibly my favorite part was the sheep dog guarding his flock.  See the other sheep dog in the background? Sorry for the iPad case in the photo!

I didn't know that kale grew like this...

This pig came to us, almost as if it knew us, from 20 feet away - snorting all the while and making friendly eye contact.
I half expected him to ram the electrical fence to reach us.

It had a farmer's market with lovely, overpriced produce.

And a very cute shop.

view from the train ride up


  1. It was Lance's inner Disney princess which called that pig over.

    I didn't know kale grew like that either. There goes my dream of growing it in our (small-ish) backyard vegetable garden. It is a monstrosity!

  2. That looks like fun! Living in the country side can be a great experience. The notion of growing your own foodstuffs and not relying too much on technology has its appeal, especially in the hustle and bustle of the busy city life that we live in. I hope you enjoyed your visit. Thanks for sharing!

    Darren Lanphere @ Mirr Ranch Group