Thursday, November 22, 2012

Mr. Macy and a Fairway Thanksgiving

blurry, but probably the coolest balloon of the bunch.

With all of the traveling we've done the last several months (me to Philly Mon-Thurs for school, DC this last weekend, Lance to London and both of us to North Carolina), we decided to stay home for Thanksgiving and appreciate the holiday NYC-style.

We were grateful to have had a dear friend from law school, her husband, and her two adorable little girls to visit.  The Macy's Day Parade was so much better with children, and I really enjoyed the magical delights of Fairway (kosher turkey and all - whoops!) in hosting my first Thanksgiving Dinner.  The gluten-free sweet potato pie, fall hash, and warm goat cheese & beet salad were hits!  

Special notes: Eliza, thanks for the amazing homemade butter and apple butter and for driving down from Ithaca.  Please repeat!  Sarah, I'll need to not rise your rolls so quickly next time and babe, your kosher turkey + gravy was heavenly.

The wimpy kid and his diary.

Can I have one?

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