Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Best Thing I've Done All Year

Inside this card, the 8-year-old (going on 40) author  asked us to "keep in touch."

So I've been a bit MIA recently: I've been finishing up an intense semester with my doctoral program and gearing up for another move...back to London.

That means we are leaving the best church responsibility, or "calling", known to man: teaching the 7&8 year olds here in the Manhattan First congregation, or "ward."

We taught our last lesson a week and a half a go--culminating with a trip to the bowling alley the day before to cap off the "Book of Mormon Challenge" program we've run this year.  Last Sunday, we were tickled to be asked to stop by class to receive a bevy of cards and fruit (oranges with stickers on them "orange we glad you are our teachers" and bananas with "we are bananas about your teaching"...cute!).  I may have laughed and cried to get these tender/thoughtful/random cards from the kids.  They certainly made our Sunday and capped off what I consider the best thing I've done all year - pouring my heart out for little people in hopes they might gain something valuable and lasting.  Maybe it worked.  

Nice to know that pop-culture-illiterate I can still "rock"

Unless you can't tell, this is the seven-year-old way to spell "Hallelujah"

It says "Co[un]t the spiders and then put the numbers in the box."
Not quite sure what this picture had to do with us leaving--
maybe he thought we needed something to do on the plane?
I love it.  Especially the mark of the black widow.


  1. Way to go, Lori. As they say, in a hundred years the difference you made in the life of a child (and these children) will matter more than most anything else you do.

  2. So sweet. I gather, from the first card, that you're pregnant? Congrats!!